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            Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene pipe

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            As a new engineering plastic tubing with superior comprehensive performance, Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tubing can be applied to transportation of various liquids, gases, powder or the mixture of solid and liquid of high wear resistance, high adhesion and high corrosive, widely used transportation of oil, mining, power plant, dredging, soda plant, chemical, aluminum, all kinds of crude oil, tailing mud, water-coal-slurry, power plant electric dust removal, white mud, red mud, slag draining, acid, alkali and others. Service life is 4 to 6 times than that of steel tube under strong corrosive and high wear condition, fully showing apply the superiority of “energy saving, environmental protection, economy, efficient”.

            Application fields:

            l  Thermal power generation: conveying fly ash and backwater pipeline

            l  Oil exploitation: pumping pipe lining, gathering tube, single well pipe.

            l  Coal industry: coal transportation, water-coal-slurry delivery.

            l  Mining industry: tailings and mud delivery, underground filling piping.

            l  Dredging: dredging sediment delivery.

            l  Chemical industry: corrosive media delivery.

            l  Wells lake sea salt chemical: salt and brine transport.

            l  City: water supply and drainage, wastewater reuse.





             Produce various ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes with Φ of 50-1100mm, wall thickness of 3-35mm, operating pressure of 1-3MPa according to user requirements and composite pipe with working pressure of more than 3MPa. 

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